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A Guide To Install WhatsApp On Any Device

We are going the give you a chance to learn how to install WhatsApp on any device of every platform ever like Mobile, Android, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Nokia, Samsung, Desktop, Windows, PC, Linux or MAC even! Users are asked us how to install WhatsApp messenger on my phone now? So we decided to release a full fill guide about WhatsApp installation. Where users can find every answer to their questions and explain clearly to FAQs for WhatsApp App. This a mega-long A to Z guide for the user of installwhatsapp.com and website’s authorized team will update this guide weekly or monthly when the WhatsApp installation update need.

The Short View of This Guide – Jump Any section you need

1. Guide To Install WhatsApp On Any Device

>1.1 Guide To Install On An Android

>>1.2 Trusted Source Of WhatsApp APK

>>>1.3 Recommendation For Trusted Sources

2. Best Guide To Install WhatsApp On iPhone

>2.1 Best Tricks To Install On iPhone

>>2.2 Extra Tips To Download WhatsApp For iPhone

>>2.3 How To Install WhatsApp On iPad

3. Install WhatsApp On Apple Watch

>3.1 Use WhatsApp on Apple Watch

>>3.2 Message Guide for WhatsApp Developer

>>3.3 Enable WhatsApp notifications on Apple Watch

4. Hearts-Blood Of This Mega Guide

A Guide To Install WhatsApp On Any Device

This guide will help you on how to exactly and perfectly download WhatsApp on your mobile or other devices such as Windows PC or Linux PC also. So please help us to promote this mega guide by social sharing on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. In this page, there are a lot of social share icons for you. Please click on these icons and share this guide based article on your wall. Now go to the guide>> WhatsApp app is now the best smartphone application for sending text messages and receiving too. Audio calls, HD Video calls, and Group Chat is the beloved of all. So smartphone and Desktop/Windows users are likes to install WhatsApp on their mobiles and PCs.

Guide to Install WhatsApp Android

guide to install whatsApp Download for AndroidAndroid is a Google Product and The Google is the largest technology company in the IT world. The Android was released the by the Google was 23rd September 2008 with the Android Version 1.00. And, now 2018 the latest version of Android 8.1 (Oreo) released on 23rd August 2017. As the Android update, WhatsApp is released a lot of different versions of various Android version. But it is recommended for installing WhatsApp update version for Android. Update WhatsApp always good for using for every operation of communications. We will be published a unique guide label article for WhatsApp for Android. Install WhatsApp APK is not a hard work more than the flatiron or plane a towel 🙂

Trusted source of WhatsApp APK

Numerous APK download website is now sublime in the surface web. But most of them are for spamming and contains malicious ads for promoting other harmful apps or websites. So you should download WhatsApp APK file from a trusted sources. The Android authority is always recommended for installing apps from well-known sources. Please do not download APKs from unknown sources.

Recommendation for Trusted sources

So how to find them? who can provide the malicious-free genuine and reliable APK file to securely install WhatsApp? Yeah! don’t to be worried. There are few excellent and reliable sources to get WhatsApp. The easy-simple method this the Play Store application also the dependable source. The Play Store app is a built-in application for every version the Android OS. Install WhatsApp on Android Tablet and Android Pad by the Play Store app. The Google Android App Store is also built-in at tablet & pad too. This is the only one and best-trusted solution for download WhatsApp.

Otherwise, you can find a lot of website and apps for downloading APK files. But without the authorized Google Play Store app, every source is mixed with harmful malicious codding apps to steal your personal information for blackmailing you 🙁 Over and above they could be earning money by setup their money making only ad-related apps.

The Best Guide to Install WhatsApp on iPhone without iTunes

Guide to install WhatsApp on iPhone iOSAre you an iOS user? Have you an iPhone? Need to install WhatsApp app on your iPhone? I think, recently the released new iOS-based iPhone like iPhone 8 or later has added another good feature for the iPhone lovers! The Apple authority has now released the iPhone with the WhatsApp as a built-in communicating application. As a result, you can avoid the inconvenience for install WhatsApp on iPhone. But If you are an old model iPhone user, you need to install WhatsApp on your iPhone. We can help you to successfully overcome the process of install WhatsApp on any iOS devices like iPad or Apple MAC book too! This guide will help you furthermore about download WhatsApp with iTunes and without iTunes booth.

We will be published another WhatsApp download guide for install WhatsApp without iTunes. Please wait some days for the gorgeous on the web ever, insha’Allah. So be quiet for this waiting period and stay with us by regularly visiting the installWhatsApps.com.

The best tricks to install WhatsApp on iPhone

Here are the best n easiest tips to the get WhatsApp on iPhone or iPad! Find a friend who has an iPhone or iPad. Now install the Shareit application on both devices. Whoever probably the Shareit is a built-in application for every iOS devices. So transfer WhatsApp from your friends iPhone to your iPhone. It is very easy and comfortable process and it will take only 5 seconds to install WhatsApp on iPhone. How amazing this?

Extra tips to download WhatsApp for iPhone without internet connection!!

Here is the tricky and erudite option to download WhatsApp for iPhone without any kinds of internet connections like WiFi internet or cellular data connection. Every iOS device a backup opinions. So as an iOS user, your iPhone/iPad has a backup option also. You can use this features as like an iPhone expert! Firstly, find out an iPhone with WhatsApp installed. And now take a backup of your full phone or only for WhatsApp raw (setup) files. Now go to the default write storage folder of your device. And find out the WhatsApp setup files for iPhone. You should quickly copy it to another folder for quick and easy access to use this file in next time.

Now the game will start>> Send the WhatsApp setup file to any iPhone via blooth or WiFi-based file transferring Apps like Shareit or Any Share application.

install WhatsApp on iPad

iPad is like the iPhone. Because of the iPhone and iPad both are iOS by Apple. Install WhatsApp on iPad like the iPhone. But in iPad, you maybe get some more features of WhatsApp like the WhatsApp video call screen is larger for iPad than iPhone. But other facilities is same like iPhone. To download WhatsApp on iPad by following tricks and tips about how to get WhatsApp on iPhone/iPad options above.

Install WhatsApp On Apple Watch

install WhatsApp for Apple Watch notification enableApple Watch is the revolutionary iOS based-device in the microdevice technology. As an excellent smartphone based watch technology this device is now the increasing this popularity wonderfully. Apple smartwatch helped a user to make his daily life easier! The Apple watch users wants to install WhatsApp on Apple watch. But WhatsApp is a third party application between Apple user and Apple Inc, As a result, only Apple authority can’t help you to install WhatsApp on your Apple watch. The WhatsApp authority should be releasing an Apple watch version of WhatsApp. Because there are none of WhatsApp versions available on the web like iTunes.

But Apple Watch users will be glad to hear that iTune authority is fully ready to release WhatsApp minimal version of Apple watch. Just waiting for the WhatsApp developer while he will be uploaded that version on the iTunes.

Use WhatsApp on Apple Watch

Maybe you have heard an adage, “Something is always better than nothing”. Yes, I want to say- “There is no money your wallet, so what has happened? you have a wallet yet ;)”

Do you understand what I say? Suppose, the wallet is your watch and money is the WhatsApp Messanger! When the developer release you can quickly download WhatsApp Apple Watch version from iTunes or other trusted website. So don’t be angry. Just wait for the while. Because Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet. So cool down and wait, please. There is another way to accelerated the process to install WhatsApp on Apple watch!

As an Apple watch user we should send a request or recommendation to the authorized website for WhatsApp Contact. You can send the recommendation as like below:

Message for WhatsApp Developer About Apple Watch Version


Hello Sir,

You will be glad to hear that I like WhatsApp Messanger very much. I have already installed WhatsApp Messanger on my iPhone and iPad too. Now I need to install WhatsApp Messanger on my Apple smartwatch even! But I can’t find the WhatsApp Apple Watch version the iTunes or other trusted online server even the authorized WhatsApp’s official web server still now!

Currently, the WhatsApp is a inseparable part of my daily life. We are excited about waiting for your valuable feedback. We are hopeful for download Apple watch version to install WhatsApp on my Apple watch within 2018 or as soon as possible.

Waiting for downloading smart watch WhatsApp version from iTunes. Have a good Apple application developing.

Best Regards

Mr. (your Name)

New York, USA

We think if the WhatsApp users are massively sending the above message to the WhatsApp developer. The Developer will be forced/inspired to release WhatsApp Apple watch version. But there is a way to fill the milk with the taste of water 😉 See the next paragraph.

Enable WhatsApp notifications on Apple Watch

As a third-party smart mobile application, WhatsApp Messenger is not offering their service for Apple Watch users yet. As a result, it is a dream to download WhatsApp for Apple’s smartwatch devices. But there is a way to get WhatsApp notification via Apple watch. see how to…?

Firstly enabled notifications for WhatsApp so directly go to: Settings <then> Notifications <then select> WhatsApp Messenger. Confirm that this Apps Show in Notification Centre is enabled. Also enable notifications through the screen lock too to get WhatsApp notifications in Apple Watch.
If you wished for, starting notifying with audio tone. Enable also the notification tone. When your smartwatch is screen locked through you can get notification sound if the function is enabled.

Re-confirm that above programs have enabled correctly. I think you have successfully set all settings and, from now you will be get alerted for WhatsApp notification on Apple Watch. This the best alternative way to install WhatsApp on Apple watch.

Install WhatsApp on Mac

Guide to Install WhatsApp on MacThe WhatsApp app is downloadable for Mac and Mac Book Pro also. It is the best way to connecting cross-platform devices such as between your iPhone/Android mobile and Mac computer/Desktop. It is mandatory to get connected the WhatsApp on the internet from your mobile and then it will work on your Mac.

So go ahead with your internet browser to download and install WhatsApp on your Mac. But you need firstly install WhatsApp on your mobile. Otherwise, WhatsApp software will not work on your MAC. So to starting the setup process of WhatsApp on Mac; read the above-linked section. Oh! there is another important information for you: You need to verify your phone number on your handset also!

By the way… I think you have successfully done the process for your Mobile Devices. Now start the task for Mac. Let’s go…

Suppose you have already download WhatsApp for Mac OS computer. And, find out the setup files from the default download folders of your browser. Now copy/move or drag the downloaded WhatsApp setup file on Mac’s Application folder. This will get automatically installed.

Now open Application folder from the Mac computer. There already have a WhatsApp icon (logo). Double click to open the WhatsApp Software. Not you will see a barcode to get logged-in on the WhatsApp official web server. Scan the barcode by your mobile’s camera and it will automatically be connected or logged-in with your mobiles existing WhatsApp Account.

install WhatsApp on a tablet

install WhatsApp on Windows 10

The hearts-blood of this Guide – Last Paragraph

Peoples are asked me how to install WhatsApp for me. I think, above guide is enough to install WhatsApp on all mobile devices like Android, iPhone, iPad and computers/laptops/PCs/Desktop. Then if you have to need to inquire about anything or any questions, please feel easy to ask me again and again by commenting.

Guide For Update Whatsapp New Version

The install WhatsApp Guide is now briefing on how to download update WhatsApp new version for all devices. All devices mean every machine like Windows, Desktop, PC, Laptop, Apple, MAC etc and every OS like Android Mobile, Android Pad, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phones. This is a major factor for downloading WhatsApp new version for the updated Android OS & iOS also, it is needed for the Windows Phone too. The recent version of latest WhatsApp has released during the last week. Users should immediately update their installed version as soon as possible. It is impossible to enjoy the test of full features of an app without upgrading to the latest version.

Reach To The Any Section Quickly Of This Guide

>1. Upgrading To The Latest version?

>>2. New Version For Android User.

>>>3. Best way to update

>>>> 4. Update from Play Store

>>>>> 5. Update from itunes

>>>>>> 6. Last Lines Of The Guide To Update WhatsApp Latest Version

Here are some best latest items of news and tips to keep your WhatsApp messenger always updated to the latest version. As a guide website, We like to inform you for every bit of WhatsApp latest news.

This install WhatsApp guide website is like an enlightenment for all kinds of WhatsApp user. Almost every little bit about WhatsApp is available on this website. Daily follow us for update tips and tricks for acquiring a lot of knowledge to improve your WhatsApp experiences with Android or iPhone even Desktops or Laptops with any OS! See this guide and drive the WhatsApp old to new version.

Upgrading existing WhatsApp as like the latest Version

All smartphone users are using various apps for the chat and free video calls. But all other video chat apps are not like WhatsApp. It is always the best since the first version release date at 2009 by Mr. Brian Acton and Jan Koum. Here I will provide the exact tips for upgrading WhatsApp messenger to move you ahead as like an advanced WhatsApp user.

download update WhatsApp latest version

If you have not existed WhatsApp, You can download WhatsApp easily by reading this guide to install WhatsApp on any platform and every device.

How to get always updated?

Firstly we recommended that- Please bookmark https://installwhatsapps.com by pressing Ctrl + D on your browser. Because we share the latest news for users almost every day. Not only news, also we share the tips n tricks, download information, how to update to the latest and how to downgrade even! So every day or minimum visit our website for once in a day or twice in a week must.

How to update WhatsApp new version for Android Mobile

Android is the first OS platform who has gained the super popularity in the world of SmartPhone. For a trillion of free Android Apps is the main causes this hand to hand popularity! More than 99.1 percent smartphone users are like to use Android OS based Smartphone. So the WhatsApp Inc decided that target the Android user for attracting them to Whatsapp. And, regularly the developer release the update WhatsApp new versions for the Android users. We will guide you to simply get the updated version to the latest.

Are you a newbie on the Whatsapp mania or new computer user? Read furthermore for how to use WhatsApp on PC.

Best way to update WhatsApp to the latest version

We choose some best ways for updating. These ways are a fully simple process. Handy to done the upgrading operation. Easy for the newbie Android users. Safe for your privacy protection. overall, economy to reduce data charge! Due to enjoy the latest features, you must need the recently released version. Probably this guide will help you best.

Get Update WhatsApp latest version of the Google Play Store

Open your Google Play Store App on your Android. Tap on the Menu icon to open the Play Store menu. Now click on the My Apps & Games. Now find out the pending updates for all the installed apps and games also with the WhatsApp app.

To batch update, the outdated apps click on the Update all. Or, tap the WhatsApp update for only updating WhatsApp.

Update WhatsApp latest version for iPhone from iTunes

Open the official iTune Apps from the app list on your iPhone/iPad. Make sure that you have a high-speed internet data connection. 4G internet network is best and recommended for iPhone user. Within few seconds iTunes will inform you about WhatsApp latest versions released. Click update WhatsApp. And, start the process of upgrading WhatsApp for iOS.

The Last Lines Of The Guide To Update WhatsApp Latest Version

Maybe these ideas are the best way. In every week user should accomplish his installed WhatsApp for new updates. The WhatsApp Inc is daily research their users/customers feedback about the next updating. Stay connected with InstallWhatsapps.com and get the latest notifications about WhatsApp update news. Thanks for staying with us. Thanks for supporting us. See you again!